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Born in Central France in the 50’s, Jean-Jacques Maillot has been passionate by painting and drawingsince his childhood. He successfully applies for Bourges’ School of Fine Arts and spends five years there, developing his artistic skills and strenghtening this passion. For instance, Bourges’ School gives him and a few students the occasion to take part in Alexander Calder’s exhibition, the famous American painter and sculptor. This very special moment is his first real contact with the artistic field but more importantly the occasion to meet such a great artist.

After finishing his studies in the early 70’s, Jean-Jacques Maillot uses his artistic experience in the communication field, working as a creative director. During 35 years, he collaborates with prestigious brands, while painting becomes not only a hobby but also a shelter.

The 2000’s are quite a crossroad for the artist : he leaves his job in communication, wreaking his need to become a full-time painter. The limited two-dimensional canvas leads him to the original concept of “painting in volume”. His imagination has no longer any boundaries as volume becomes the support itself.

Jean-Jacques Maillot is very much inspired by dance and music, as a great admiror of Dali and Picasso’s drawings, many of his paintings depict these subjects which are unlimited for the artist’s imagination.

Materials, colours, shapes and volumes represent most of Jean-Jacques Maillot’s daily work. The most important part of it is the Cube, which gives him the possibility to to put in volume his paintings.
According to the focal point, you can feel a different vibration, and the work of art becomes quite alive.
He expresses his talent as a painter through a mix of abstract and realistic art.

Quickly noticed by famous Parisians galleries, Jean-Jacques Maillot has been France’s representative at International Salon in 2011 and 2012. This exhibit gave him the opportunity to be exposed in the th the 26 world capitals, such as Tokyo’s MOMA for two consecutive years.

Moreover, Jean-Jacques Maillot is officially rated on the famous website Artsprice, following his successful aunctioning at Hotel Drouot in Paris.

Today, Jean-Jacques Maillot’s research is entirely dedicated to new materials, to perfect his beloved “Volume” which are from now on his aéra of creation.

Sculpting is now a dedicated part of his creative work, using synthetic materials such as Plexiglas to begin with.